Affordable Fitness Program

Ensuring that your physical condition is within your budget is an important part of the process of searching for the right candidate. See the many specialties, sales, discounts and unique offers for each fitness professional under their depth profile. If you don’t see him on the list, make sure to ask! Many personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilates instructors offer their own exclusive deals in addition to many of the ones listed below.

Share the cost with a friend

If you are interested in training with a friend or two, this option can be the biggest price saving for you. Many personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilates instructors offer cost sharing with a friend, thus reducing the initial cost by 50%. If they don’t offer this make sure to ask if they offer reduced prices to add a friend to your session. This may not be 50% savings, but every bit counts! Do you choose this option to make it more affordable and be able to train more often or if you decide on an extra support system for fitness, or how you win!

Group rates

If you are looking to organize a group fitness class in your home, office or park, this is the offer for you! Recruit a group of friends, employees or colleagues from the office to get fitter and discuss with potential fitness candidates what your group wants to do. Whether it is to have outdoor yoga classes, use your gym at work or have a fitness boot camp at home, fitness professionals are able to meet the specific needs of their groups. Group sessions usually range from $5-$50/person per class depending on the size of the group.

Military rates

Your service is appreciated! Ask for discounts for Sailors, Army, Navy, National Guard or Air Force. Enter your military ID once you have registered and tell your front fitness specialist that you will be able to provide it as evidence of military activity.


Discount for seniors

For some it is as simple as providing a driving licence or senior card to get a discount. Being a senior has its advantages! Fitness specialists also travel to residential facilities, senior citizens’ centres, self-contained residential facilities and offer additional physical fitness for physiotherapy sessions.

College Discount

Give your school ID and get special discounts, because personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilate instructors understand that the school is expensive and your health is important! Make sure you tell your fitness specialist where you would like to train, whether you are on campus or off campus and whether you have access to the fitness facility you would like to use.

Corporate discounts

Are you a hardworking employee of the company? Do you have a limited time, but you have a gym in an office building? Try personal training, yoga lessons or Pilates sessions in the office, whether in the gym, in the office or outdoors. Since all trainers travel to you, you never have to be without a fitness routine, no matter how busy you are! Ask your human resources department if anyone else is interested in joining the fitness program and learning tips to getting fit during the Holiday Season with you and get additional discounts.

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