Car Audio – The Latest in Hifonics Technology

For over 25 years, Hifonics has been producing and manufacturing some of the most powerful car audio systems in the world. This popular brand aims to provide extreme power and efficiency to your car audio system. Hifonics mostly focus on producing high quality speaker technology, which includes subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers for car audio systems.

This year Hifonics has brought to the nation vast improvements in amplifier technology. Their latest amps are mainly a selection of high quality A/B standard amps, which are very powerful. The highly efficient class D amp is still available. Class A/B amps include the Ultra-Fi Mosfet technology, which dampens distortion and creates a high fidelity system.

The Ultra-Fi MOSFET output works by lowering distortion or in technical terms the THD (total harmonic distortion), as well as noise. It produces a high fidelity rate, which in turn creates a vastly improved output. A high fidelity output often means that the amp increases range of sound waves, thus, improving the stereo’s range of output and quality. Overall, you will get a cleaner sound with Ultra-Fi MOSFET technology.

This technology is vital to producing a very clean and high quality sound from your car stereo. It will not only dampen outside sounds, but will stop interference from your electronics and car. Without anti- distortion technology, you are likely to have problems with interference and distortion, making listening to your music not as fun as you expected.

Combining this amp, with powerful speakers or subwoofers and a high quality stereo will produce a fantastic quality sound, which is not as distorted by volume. Pitch will be extended, meaning you can hear the lower sounds of bass, which are usually inaudible when playing music through a car stereo and speakers. Read more about orion XTR 2500 on in our website.

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