Forex Trading

Before getting your first GKFX experience with real money betting, we recommend that you try the GKFX demo account first.

Such a trial account has many advantages, which we would like to explain in more detail:

Risk-free trading: A test account allows trading with virtual money. Usually the trader starts with a predefined amount on the demo account or in some cases can define it himself when registering. Virtual capital offers the possibility to place bets and conclude first trades without exposing one’s own money to risk.

Gain your first experience: This follows directly after the first point. Experience is important when it comes to being successful as a trader. With a test account, users can find out what the order processes are like, how the markets react and what differences there can be in trading instruments.

Getting to know the broker: Each trading provider offers users different trading options and individual framework conditions. A demo account helps to get to know the peculiarities of the broker even before entering real money trading, to know what to expect in everyday trading life.

Making beginner’s mistakes: Nobody is born as a professional trader and everyone must first approach the world of securities trading. And this also includes mistakes due to a lack of experience. It’s a good thing that such mistakes don’t hurt with a demo account and are nevertheless instructive.



Have you been convinced of the benefits and now want to try out the GKFX demo account to be able to start trading with real money risk-free?

In just a few steps, everything necessary to open a GKFX account is done:

Directly on the GKFX homepage you will see above the possibility to choose between a trading account and a trading demo. After clicking on the respective button, the web form opens, which you have to fill out.

During the short registration process, you can, among other things, choose an account type (FIX or VARIABLE) and determine the amount of virtual starting capital. Once the form has been completed, confirm your entries by clicking on “Next”.

Now it goes to the e-mail box, where an e-mail with the access data for the GKFX demo account is already waiting for you. Also download MetaTrader4 or choose WebTrader if you do not want to download. There’s nothing more to do and you can start exploring the possibilities right after logging in.
All in all we can recommend the MetaTrader for the demo account with GKFX. This gives users the most options and allows them to take their first steps in trading with a professional tool.



Depending on which trading platform is available for the demo version, there are other tools and functions that the user can test. In both cases, traders get realistic trading conditions and experience that can be seamlessly translated into trading for real money. Another common feature of the two trading platforms is the clear user interface and the various options for personalization.

Even if the MT4 appears to be much more complex and multi-layered than the WebTrader at first glance, even beginners will quickly become familiar with all basic functions. First trades can be placed with just a few mouse clicks and all current and past positions and orders can be viewed at a glance. Both trading applications provide users with no restrictions on the scope of services. Thus there is also in this respect the ideal possibility to find out everything in advance which is important for real money trading.

Those who decide to open a real trading account do not have to do without the trial version, as it is available without any time limit. A GKFX demo account can also be advantageous for the experienced trader. Especially when it comes to trying out and optimizing new trading strategies under real conditions. If the strategy is not successful, only the virtual capital will suffer. So the demo account can serve you well throughout your entire trading career.



Broker GKFX specializes in trading foreign exchange and CFDs. Traders have a wide range of trading instruments at their disposal. CFDs trade clients on equities, indices and commodities, and there are more than 40 currency pairs to choose from when it comes to Forex. GKFX is therefore well positioned in the Forex Broker comparison.

Which instruments can be traded with this online broker and which conditions apply depend entirely on which account model the trader chooses. GKFX has a total of three account types:

FIX: With this account the trader trades the full range of GKFX trading instruments. As far as the account features are concerned, this variant has fixed spreads from 1.8 pips. There is no minimum deposit and no commission. The leverage is up to 400:1 and the minimum trade size is 0.01 lot.

VARIABLE: Forex trading with variable spreads is possible with this account model. Tradable markets include forex, commodities and indices. Spreads start at 1.2 pips. In terms of leverage, trading sizes and minimum deposit and commission requirements, this account variant is identical to the FIX account.

VIP: This trading account gives you access to Forex trading at particularly low spreads. These start at 0.6 pips and the maximum leverage is 100:1. A minimum deposit of 25,000 Euros is also required for this account. Trading sizes start at 1 lot and click size is up to 100 lots.


As with account types, GKFX also offers plenty of flexibility for trading platforms. And as with trading options, customers can also choose according to their individual requirements and preferences. All in all, the online broker offers the following trading platforms:

MetaTrader4: Of course, the world’s most popular trading platform should not be missing from a well-positioned broker. MetaTrader is available in desktop and web versions. On top of that, you can also use MT4 as a GKFX app for smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems.

The functions and features of the platform include numerous order types, automated trading including BackTesting, a huge selection of tools and indicators and the ability to import external indicators, EAs and scripts.

SIRIX Web: This WebTrader focuses on simplicity. Without an installation, you start the SIRIX-Trader, which may access the MT4 account. The features of this application include a user-friendly, personalizable interface, one-click trading and modern charting. The platform runs on all web browsers that support HTML5.

Multi-Terminal: This application allows traders to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. The application also has modern allocation methods, allows for various types of orders, has predefined trading operations and ensures the management and execution of orders in real time.


A real money account with GKFX is a prerequisite for using the trial account. If you decide to trade with real money, the best way to register is as follows:

Click on the “Trading Account” button at the top of the broker’s website screen. The first step is to select the account type that best suits your trading preferences. Click on “Account” on the right.

You will now see the online application to be completed for opening an account. In addition to the address and date of birth, information on the financial situation is also required. You will also be asked about your experience trading foreign exchange and CFDs.

Once everything has been entered, read through all the information you have provided and also take a detailed look at all the broker’s instructions and trading conditions. Confirm your registration and complete the registration process.

All you need to do in the end is confirm your identity. There are several ways to do this. The simplest of these is the Video Ident procedure, which runs at home and takes just a few minutes. Alternatively, you can verify your identity at a post office near you. In any case, you will need a valid identity card.