Logistics Business Start-ups

1. Passion

It is essential to start from what you love, and do things for the right reasons. There must be passion! In the end, it is a human being who buys or invests, and it is with passion that we will be able to touch it.

2. Work

I am lucky to be healthy, but the rest is work. Work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have been observing the evolution of companies and the business world for nearly twenty years….

3. Priority

The primary goal must not be to make money. You have to see money as a proactive energy that flows. It is important to detach yourself from the dollars to stay focused on your goal.

4. Patience and patience

I worked from the age of 15. As soon as I got $15,000, I bought a house and sold it a year later for $30,000. I made my first $100,000 by buying and reselling, while working by the hour. I spent almost nothing for years.

5. Knowledge

First of all, you have to know who you are. Remain faithful to your values, desires, instincts…. I was lucky to have parents who let me be who I wanted to be.

6. Apprenticeship

I pulled out this book because people told me they didn’t have the tools to start a business. Readers will find inspiration as well as management lessons, meditation exercises…

7. Strength

I opened five pharmacies, but I really started making money when I started advising companies. My strength, it’s there. At first I wasn’t really charging, but I accumulated evidence that I knew how to make companies grow.

8. Pleasure

Doing what you love is essential, because that’s where you’re good at. I’m good at turning a dream into reality, and I love it. And above all, I understand the human being: I align the entrepreneur with his inner truth.

9. Bold

You have to dare! At one point, I went to people to convince them to invest. I had time to exchange for money. Being young is a good thing: expectations are lower, there is less pressure and there is more room for error.

10. Belief

The main thing: to believe in your dream. Have confidence in yourself!

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