Major Accounting Tips For a Business

Demonstrate innovation

To start a business, you certainly need to have a brilliant idea, but that’s not all. We must ensure that we are innovative and meet certain needs of the population. Many will tell you, although it is a difficult task, market research is still a necessity to properly evaluate the possibility of success behind your project’s ideation. Canada Business Network offers you a very complete guide to market research and analysis that will help you develop your project.

Develop a business plan

Behind every creative project are hidden management and administration components. The business plan is the ideal tool to properly determine your objectives, strategies and, of course, your financial planning. Once your business plan is established, you can use it to seek concrete financial assistance, whether it is a loan or certain grants.

Info-entrepreneurs offers you a complete guide to help you write your business plan, including the elements it must include: a description of the company and your business project, a marketing and sales strategy, details on your team and how the company operates, your financial forecasts and any other relevant information.

Register for training courses

Several training courses exist to support you in starting your business. These learnings can not only guide you in outlining your project, but also guide you to several very useful resources. The School of Entrepreneurs offers three programs of study in addition to workshops and support services. SAJE Montréal Centre d’Excellence Entrepreneurial’s mission is to support the start-up of small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec, offer programs for self-employed workers and provide comprehensive training in business start-up.

Consult and search for resources

You are not alone in your approach! The expertise and testimonies of people who have experienced a similar situation are most likely to guide you, while answering some of your questions. Whether it’s essays, podcasts or business magazines, there are many resources you can use.

In the book Lettre à une jeune entrepreneure, published this year by VLB Éditeur, Alexandre Taillefer uses his personal background to offer his advice. François Lambert, known for his participation in the program Dans l’oeil du dragon, shares his vision of entrepreneurship and his difficulties in the book L’entrepreneuriat, c’est difficile, Point published by Éditions Goélette. Les dérangeants, the podcast of the new generation of entrepreneurs, is a digital radio program produced in association with Les Affaires magazine. It brings together six young entrepreneurs who think behind the scenes and about different issues surrounding business development.

Network with others

The famous saying “Speak well of it, speak ill of it, but speak well of it!” exists for a reason. There is no better way to promote your company than to discuss it with people. Networking is a key step in the development and evolution of a company. There is a wide range of events organized for entrepreneurs. The Montréal 5à7 site contains a calendar of events in the business world. Also, if you are rather shy, coworking can be a good way to gently start your networking. PME Montréal also offers coworking directories, incubators, companies and rental spaces that will help you find the right place to work and exchange.

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